At Olami we love to empower you to be your best and impact the world. Inspiring Jewish Greatness is a big goal and we need leaders to step up and be the ones others can look up to. If you are motivated to actualize your potential, are committed to doing it and want to make a huge difference our ambassador programs may be for you.


If you’re good with people, passionate about motivating your peers and excel at recruiting others to a bigger vision then being a campus ambassador could be an option for you. With top leadership training, meeting VIP leaders and the potential to make a good salary this highly selective position is a great opportunity.


If you’re charismatic, a passionate communicator and have a deep desire to develop yourself as a leader, this is your golden opportunity. Want to travel the continent and influence a global organization while receiving leadership training from the best in the field? Olami is looking for 15 regional ambassadors from around the world. Do you want to be one of them?


Coming soon.