Olami is a worldwide network of Jewish outreach efforts aiming to forge a deep, meaningful connection to Judaism based on practice and commitment.

Our partnering programs fuse both informal and formal Jewish education modules to create an engaging, inspiring and motivating environment for further Jewish engagement.

On campus, Olami identifies unaffiliated Jewish students and offers a wide-range of opportunities for student transformation and identification through text study, experiential engagement and educational trips to Israel.


Over a decade ago, in response to the alarming rate of assimilation in the Jewish college communities across the globe, a number of benefactors joined together to launch a worldwide campus and young professional effort to reconnect Jews to their heritage, their faith and their land.

Now, more than ten years later, Olami represents a united effort of institutions in over 300 locations around the world to secure a vibrant, engaged and knowledgeable Jewish tomorrow.

With Olami support providing manpower, program development and management, students all over the world are experiencing the exhilaration of Jewish living through textual study, Shabbat, seminars and trips, and most critically, through the eternal bond between the Diaspora Jew and the State of Israel.


Our work would not be possible without the support of our generous donors, some of whom are listed below.
  • Adam Aloof (UK)
  • David Ariel (Portugal)
  • Mariano Birz (Argentina)
  • Fenella Berman (UK)
  • Oliver Burns (UK)
  • Safra Chela And Sons (Argentina)
  • James Craig (UK)
  • Darío Curiel (Argentina)
  • David Sutton Dabah (Argentina)
  • J. Dray (France)
  • Eduardo Elsztain (Argentina)
  • Ghermazian Family (USA)
  • Wolfson Family (USA)
  • Claire Goodman (UK)
  • Leon Halac (Argentina)
  • Elie Horn (Brazil)
  • Gabriel Juejati (Argentina)
  • John Kaplan (Canada)
  • Marc Katz (France)
  • Guido Kreiner (Argentina)
  • Danny Lemberg (USA)
  • Daniel Levy (UK)
  • Russell Lindsey (UK)
  • Danielle Lux (UK)
  • Ruth Lux (UK)
  • Ben Menahem (UK)
  • Sam Menahem (UK)
  • Johana Milgrom (France)
  • Simon Murray (UK)
  • Sergio Polite (Argentina)
  • Rasghsa S.A. (Argentina)
  • Daniel Raymond (UK)
  • Horacio Safdie (Argentina)
  • Edmond J Safra Foundation (Argentina)
  • Hayden Steinberg (UK)
  • Scott Steinberg (UK)
  • Carlos Suaya (Argentina)
  • Alberto Sued (Argentina)
  • Dovas Zakas (UK)